About us

Appalachian Pagan Ministry is a pan-pagan ministry devoted to building an engaged, passionate, and spiritually fulfilled community of people from all backgrounds and faiths.  We are devoted to engaging and impacting one another and others, believing it is our responsibility to set an example of service.  This is where we come to “walk our talk” and educate by example.  It is the desire of this ministry to show that pagans of all beliefs and faiths CAN work together to serve the greater community.  “You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.”----C.G. Jung

Appalachian Pagan Ministry was formed in response to a need that was felt from the community.  It is our belief that the pagan community can, and should, come together as a whole to serve the greater community we live in.   "The Christians have a term, "witnessing your faith", and I feel that it is a term just as relevant to those of us who follow pagan paths  Hate comes from fear, and fear comes from ignorance.  The only way to eradicate hate is to educate, and the best way to educate is by example, not talk."-- Rev. Donna Donovan  It is with that goal in mind, to educate by example, that Appalachian Pagan Ministry is engaged in a pan-pagan prison ministry to address the needs of pagans currently incarcerated, serving monthly onsite in Ohio, WV, Idaho, and Arizona, as well as elsewhere around the country as needed, continuing our support and work in the recovery community as well as working with re-entry programs for those coming out of incarceration.  Appalachian Pagan Ministry is a non-profit organization, and as such, is reliant solely on contributions and donations from the community.  Any and all funds received for the ministry will be specifically for the use of the ministries works.  There are no paid employees, only volunteers who wish to join our cause.