A Shield Mother, Shannon Heather has found that her place in the circle is outside the circle. In this place, she can care for those in the circle and the spirits or elements outside. Shannon says that “it’s just always been this way.” She stays undedicated to specific deities so that she can serve all that need her. Part of Shannon’s ongoing spiritual practice includes honoring the ancestors and natural healing. From her spiritual practices she finds balance, purpose, and strength. Some tools of her path include working with energy and magic, as well as consulting spirit guides. Shannon shares with others her spiritual gifts by leading rituals, facilitating the care of her chosen communities, and holding sacred space for others.

Althaea Sebastiani is a strong believer in one’s own agency and her work focuses on encouraging others to develop self-reliance, integrity, flexibility, and the willingness to do that which is necessary. A medicinally trained herbalist, bone collector, and licensed minister, her work in the community has ranged from clergy to teacher to healer to diviner. She is an animist, polytheist, practicing witch for longer than she hasn’t been, co-head of a family coven, and a dedicated priestess to a specific Deity whose presence in her life she is continually grateful for. Her personal practice is organic, Land based, and filled with Spirits, conversation, bare feet, and laughter.  Find her blog at http://www.ladyalthaea.com

Theresa Honeywell-Carris -- SW Regional Director

Theresa resides in Southern Arizona and is a perfectly human and beautifully flawed Norse Heathen woman on a healing journey.  She has raised five children and been a nurse for most of her adult life, currently she is a nutritional wellness coach, a practitioner of Reiki, a certified Hypnotherapist, and a natural intuitive, who with Alchemy and her ancestral guides uses Runes and Old World poppets in her work.   You will often find her barefoot in her beloved garden, wearing Star Wars t-shirts, writing  books and writing inmates in various prisons across the U.S.  She volunteers quite a bit of time, effort and money working with Asatru, and other pagan, inmates.  Theresa is also a licensed minister able to perform legally recognized handfastings, marriages, death rites, namings and coming of age rituals in the Southwest. (Theresa is now medically retired...she is the point of contact for all SW regional volunteers)

Teresa Galloway aka Minerva

My name is Teresa Galloway aka Minerva, in the pagan community.
I have been spiritually pagan for the past 45 yrs.
In 1981, given the name Minerva by my priestess when I earned my first degree, I have lived  my life growing into the name.
Certified Reiki healer and licensed by the state of Ohio as a massotherapist I take my healing skills seriously.
As a priestess for the goddess I have had the honor to serve as High Priestess for two of my own covens, later served as Elder in my community with two different groups.
Family is important to me- both by blood and of the heart. I nurture, I listen, and offer advice when asked.

Shannon Heather



C.L. (Ciel) Luciole 

C.L. (Ciel) Luciole is a practicing witch and pagan of 20 years, not counting her teen aged baby witch years prior to her dedication in 1998. She is an ordained pagan priestess and the founder of the Covenant of the Starspun Grove, an American Tradition of Witchcraft and Paganism where science and magic are not mutually exclusive. Her tradition is heavily influenced by the seasons and the spirits of Nature and animal kind, most notably the Fae/Sidhe/Dragonkind and it would not be inappropriate to call it a Faerie, or even Dragonfae, Tradition.

Her personal practices involve Spirit and Shadow work as well as energy healing; she is a level 2 Reiki practitioner and is working towards her Master/Teacher attunement. As the founder of her Tradition and  Head of her Coven she hosts rituals, social meet ups, and officiates at the occasional wedding/handfasting. She believes her position is one of service and is dedicated to making a difference in her community.

Mallory Brooks--NW Regional Director

Mallory is a Norse Polytheist, whose been on this path for 20 years. She lives and breathes her faith and truly enjoys prison outreach. She currently goes into two men’s facilities in Idaho.  She was born on the East Coast and made her way to Boise Idaho about 4 years ago after a miserable first marriage.  She truly believes that supporting these guys and girls on the inside can help them make their own way once they get out, and with continuous support, we can minimize them re-offending.

Spiritualist Angie Fawn, ULC. I am a student of the rhythms and cycles of Nature and a lover of All Things Great and Small. I am also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church as it is my belief that we are all children of the same universe. 

My ancestors hailed from Scotland, and I was raised in the hills of Eastern Kentucky.  Perhaps being so immersed in nature is why I have been so deeply rooted in Pagan ways.  My eclectic studies have spanned well over a decade and have touched on many different religions and various paths of spirituality. I've studied the works of many which has given me the opportunity to see various aspects truths and to respect and draw wisdom from them all. Divination, astrology, herbalism, and folk magic are my favorite topics.
I believe that religion and spirituality are very unique and personal.  Everyone finds their path when the time is right...sometimes you might have to travel more than one path to reach your destination.

Who We Are

Paul (Wombat) Haas

Paul (friends call him Wombat) is a practitioner of Modern Pantheistic Satanism and currently resides in Columbus, OH.  He believes that Satan is the bringer of knowledge and Mother Nature is the source of all life.  His goals are to bring greater understanding and embracing of the Left Hand Path community through open dialogue and education.  When he's not hailing Satan, Wombat enjoys long hours with his extensive music playlist, beading, and astrology study.

Rev. Donna Donovan

Donna Donovan is a follower of Irish polytheism (Sinnsreachd to be exact) and practitioner of Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, dedicated to the Morrígan, Dian Cécht, and Manannán mac Lír.   She walks the path of a warrior...encompassing the values of Honor, Justice, and Courage, as well as the path of a healer. A large part of her culture and practice is based around ancestor veneration and worship. Her pantheon is the Tuatha Dé Danann, viewing them as her ancestors...being descended from them, not created by them. Being raised in a household divided between Irish Catholics and Southern Baptists, she found herself on the pagan path in the early 90's.


Virginia born to a line of pagan pride, half Irish Norwegian and half Oneida Cherokee Black Creole,  I have been raised in the arts of many lands. A Master of Studies of the Tuatha de Dannan and a Sidhe worker, my relationship with the Otherworld has stemmed from childhood. Known Spirit medium and medicine woman, I have been working with hospice for 10 years. A mother, a warrior, an activist, a voice for the people, I take great pride in teaching those who feel out of place and help the lost find their flow.

Creator of magic items, chaos magic, spirit medium