Dec 21st                           Yule Blot and Ritual at Salem Correctional

Dec 22nd                          Yule Blot and Ritual at Huttonsville Correctional

Dec 27th                           Yule Blot & Ritual at Mansfield and Allen-Oakwood Correctional

Dec 28th                           Yule Blot and Ritual at Chillicothe and Warren Correctional

This ministry desperately needs help from the community. Rev Donovan and Teresa Galloway have both hit some major medical issues in the past month. We can not continue to do these services without outside help. Please view our "How You Can Help" page see how you can help Appalachian Pagan Ministry continue the work that is so desperately needed. Thank you

Events  2017

Here is where you will find the calendar of events scheduled for Appalachian Pagan Ministry.  If you have an upcoming event you would like us to attend, please feel free to ask.