Appalachian Pagan Ministry has several projects in mind for the upcoming year to move forward with our mission: Working in Unity for the Greater Community.  Several of these projects are listed below.

The Appalachian Pan-Pagan Prison Ministry --  It is our goal to continue growing our pan-pagan prison ministry to serve the spiritual needs of our fellow pagans currently incarcerated in the state prison systems.  Currently we are on-site monthly at nine facilities in OH, including Death Row, and several in WV, as well as we now have a chapter in Idaho going into two facilities there.  The request for our presence is growing.  According to the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion and Public Life, Pagan/earth-based, Native American, and other non-Abrahamic religions are growing in our prisons nationally at a combined rate of 71%.  Study after study is showing the effectiveness of spiritual and religious programming in prisons on the reduction of recidivism rates.  It is our goal to implement a pagan prison ministry that will be able to address the spiritual needs of all pagans incarcerated.  This is not a "one-size fits all" ministry....we are ordained and licensed ministers from a variety of pagan paths: traditional polytheist, Wiccan, Asatru, Odinist, Satanist/Luciferian,  Appalachian Hoodoo, Celtic Paganism, etc...  

Aside from the prisons we visit on-site monthly, we also offer correspondence courses and work with several Kindred and Covens across the nation.  The courses we offer are: Perennial Lessons in Living (A Celtic paganism course written by Emma Restall-Orr and reinterpreted by Rev Donna), the Elder Troth Lore Program, Developing Divine Relationships (a devotional polytheist course), Pagan Astrology, Chaos Magick, and a Satanism/Luciferianism 101 course

There are other programs we, as a ministry, get involved with.  However our main focus at this time is the prison ministry and our work in the Recovery community.

Appalachian Pagan Ministry has always actively supported the Recovery Community.  Rev. Donna Donovan is a person in long-term recovery and has a vested interest in seeing the stigma of addiction eradicated.  On November 24, 2015, Rev. Donna lost her son, John Watson, to a heroin overdose.  John battled an opiate addiction for 16 years, and after nine wonderful months of sobriety, relapsed and died.  We at Appalachian Pagan Ministry will continue to work towards prevention and education on addiction and the hope of recovery.  ALL lives matter your color, belief, sexual orientation, or addictions...we are all souls worthy of life and happiness.  If you, or a loved one, is battling with addiction and seek help...please contact us.  We WILL find you resources.  If you have lost a loved one to an overdose, please reach out to us as well...there are those of us here that understand.  

                                                                    Feb 17, 1986 -- Nov 24, 2015